Where Medical Professionals Get Their Cars Detailed In Sarasota

So I was speaking with one of my doctor friends here in Sarasota. The premise was simple, where can I get my car detailed I asked him?

He lays into me. Real smooth like and whispers the name of the baddest car detailer around.

He tells me. "Listen, Mike. If you want to find the best auto detailer in Sarasota you're gonna have to ask around. Now I'm not gonna sit here and lie. He ain't the cheapest. But he sure is the best."

I looked at him with disbelief in my eyes. Here's my friend of 23 years telling me his deepest and most confidential information. You see, this doctor friend of mine, he's a real stickler for a good detailer. Everyone asks him how he keeps his A8 Audi in pristine condition. It's actually a running joke amongst our group of friends (And if you know any doctors, you'll know what I mean.)

Anyhow. He tells me you gotta check out D's Mobile Auto Detailing here in Sarasota. They're better than Sage, Eco, AP detailing... All of them. They're simply the best auto detailer in town...

That day I checked them out and my bmw has never looked so good.